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About me

Lieke Bremer

​My name is Lieke Bremer, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Almere, the Netherlands.
My first language is Dutch, my second language is English.
Here's my resume.

In July 2017 I got my bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design ​at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences a.k.a. Hogeschool van Amsterdam. ​

I'm currently working as a designer/developer at a small company that designs learning experiences. A learning experience can take any form; board game, online platform, website, animation etc. With web design projects, I focus on the UX and help decide on Visual Interface Design. At this company I'm responsible for a lot of different things: take care of the analytics, update the websites, create e-learning, do UX & UI design etc. This also involves frontend development.

My ambitions lie in Visual Interface, Interaction and UX Design. But I also have experience in 2D animations with After Effects, frontend development and graphic design.

Besides design related interests, I’m always happy to shoot and edit a video, practice taking pictures of people or locations or, if I'm allowed to, do a little dance to afrobeat, dancehall, funk, salsa or Beyoncé. Also, I’m half Dutch, half Surinamese and passionate about representation and diversity (in media).

​If you wanna know more about me, you can find me on social media that's in the footer of this page.
​You can send an e-mail to ​about anything and check out my resume if you're interested in my professional background.