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Animation projects

September 2016 - January 2017

​Public Cinema, NHL, VNG and University of Amsterdam

From September 2016 until January 2017, I interned at the company Public Cinema. I learned a lot about animations and After Effects. I’m going to highlight 3 animations I worked on explain what it was, what I did etc.

Visueel Partnerschap Animatie VP end The company wanted to highlight their strengths. They were developing their company’s statement and wanted an animation that they could when they present themselves. I had already worked on the presentation and there were more assets I could use. Together with a colleague, we went through a couple versions of scripts and storyboards. Below is a very quick storyboard I made to agree on with my colleague.

VP Storyboard

Some scenes I could make in Illustrator right away, but others changed a lot because of the script. Once I made all the scenes and my colleague recorded a voice-over, I made a moving storyboard. Also did that a couple times until it seemed right. The style and most assets were already in Illustrator, but I added, combined and changed most of them. As for the animation, I animated it all except for the scenes between 5 and 15 seconds. I also chose the music and sound effects.
The end result is here and the company used it in their newsletter and can use it in the future.

University of Amsterdam
The University of Amsterdam is a client of Public Cinema. They had been developing animations for UvA for a while. I worked on a couple animations during my internship.

I did some animating for these two about:

The other animation was one of my last projects during my internship and I made some scenes in Illustrator for an animation about working conditions at the university. The university really wants the people in the animation to reflect the diversity at the school itself. Plus, the previous animation were pretty static because the character had no features except for their nose and the women have lips. Plus, there were already a lot of characters made, but no kids or young adults.

I made a mixed family and added mouths! The mouths immediately add some softness to the character which the client was looking for. UvA characters with mouths

As with other animations, I had to work on the script, discuss with my colleague and then create the scenes in Illustrator. Create by sketching a quick set-up on separate dartboards in Illustrator and then visualizing them. I divided the scenes between myself and another intern. We made a moving storyboard, got feedback and eventually animated some scenes.

Unfortunately I had to leave this project and focus on a different one. I did look for the end result recently. And it is here. They did change the characters and also added eyes. With another intern, we looked at options for eyes but it looked creepy real fast. In the end result, a lot of things changed, but I’m glad parts of my scenes are still there. Especially the kid.

VNG VNG group The Dutch municipalities association (VNG) wanted an animation about the fast changes in digital services. As with most animations at the company, I had to take over someone else’s work. And there was always a tight deadline. Two people had animated scenes already and I had to make some changes. They both worked differently, but this way I got to know After Effects a lot better.

Besides changing scenes, I also had to add and create assets. In the screenshot below, I added the lightbulb, TV dish, wifi and a plug. VNG video In the animation, there are transitions from animation to video. That’s why there’s a screen. This way I could make a dissolve in Premiere from a white screen to the video.

This is the end result.
To be specific, I animated the scenes between: 00:18 - 00:38, 00:52 - 01.06 and 01.33 - 01.57.